R&D Activities - DEKATSU

What is “DEKATSU” ?

NIED (president: Haruo Hayashi) is committed to an all-Japan approach by promoting Tokyo Metropolitan Resilience Project and establishing Data use and application council for Resilience “DEKATSU” with researchers from companies, organizations and universities who share the same cause. A wealth of data is used and applied in research and disaster response.
Companies and organizations will not engage in disaster resilience as part of so-called CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and will need to effect a paradigm shift towards creating CSV (Creating Shared Value).

“DEKATSU” Symposium

These activities and achievements are shared with participants in the DEKATSU symposiums which are held to discuss the issues to enhance the resilience in Tokyo Metropolitan area as well as in whole of Japan.

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“DEKATSU” Subcommittee & Working Group Activity

The Data use and application council for Resilience “DEKATSU” has continued industry-government-academia-private council activities for data use aimed at enhancing Metropolitan resilience. DEKATSU has multiple subcommittees and working groups (WGs) depending on the needs of the members. The council has continued discussions on business continuity in case of a disaster based on the activities of each subcommittee/WG.


Working Group